Someone needs to draw up a CLOWwNS family tree. There were a couple of line-up changes before this album landed. There are also a couple of versions of the album.

This band rocked. They were loved by the old punks and by the ladies. It was performance. I was told by a wise man that to make music great there had to exist conflict. Something this band had in abundance. They also had their own sound, which would not make things easy for us when touting the recording. Trousers was the only track that achieved airplay. One song in a collection of stand alone masterpieces.

We hosted a matinee show at Rialto Theatre during The Great Escape. There were heroes and villains in this story. So close to calling the show off, but for our hero from Church Rd Studios. I don’t think a one off gig had exhausted me so much, but it was glorious. It was everything rock n roll should be. Pure energy drawn from a well of ambition and determination.

Rest in peace Cameron.

Found photo. I will credit the photographer soon.