Bleeding heart recordings. Jess King & Mezzowave.


Jess King & Max Mezzowave

Jess King

Jess King is a footballer for Lewes FC, the first and only club in the world to give equal playing budgets and resources to its women’s and men’s teams. Her music career started when she was 15 and she was able to record some tracks in Urbeatz studio in Liverpool with local artiste Kof.

Max Mezzowave wrote the music for Raise Us Up and produced the track. His career began in the late 90s releasing various classic pieces of vinyl under different names through Mute Export, a division of Mute records, working as The Comical Brothers with Danny Briottet (Renegade Soundwave), David Simmonds (Fad Gadget) and Lene Lovich. Max has also done remixes for Lamb (Please) and many underground acts. He has released two albums in his own name, “The Hub” and recently "Who Are You", a psychedelic Neo soul and electronica fusion.

Raise Us Up started as a rap, written by King, to express her personal history, frustration and hopes around the struggles and hopes of women’s football. Her playing career around Europe means that she has been at the frontline of the struggle for recognition and fair treatment. Raise Us Up also pays tribute to some of the greats in the women’s game who have inspired Jess to keep going and break through: It is a rallying call to football and to the wider world that when it comes to gender inequality in football, in the world, enough is enough.


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